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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Keypad Locks?

Nowadays keypad locks are gaining more and more popularity when many people look for more convenience in their home security

These types of locks offer a number of benefits that traditional locks simply cannot match. 

Here are some of the advantages that come with keyless entry locks:

You Don’t Need a Key

One of the most obvious benefits of using keyless entry is that you don’t need to carry a physical key anymore. 

This makes it much easier to grant access to family members and visitors. if someone forget the code they can easily be given with a new one which can save time and money on having locks changed or rekeyed

Some systems allow you to assign different codes to different people and have a detailed log that records all entries at any given time.

Choose Who Can Access Your Home or Business

The freedom you get when you switch from using physical keys to a digit code is intoxicating! No needing to worry about losing keys or who has a copy is a wonderful feeling. 

You can give out codes as needed and change them anytime without needing to change the lock itselfIt is perfect for landlords with multiple tenants or in big office buildings. 

Some advanced locks can also allow you to set up time restrictions so individuals can only enter during certain times.

Increased Durability & Security

Traditional lock cylinders may become worn over time because of constant friction from turning keys but with keyless entry locks this issue wont be of a problem. 

To ensure the lock security you should make sure all users use a complex password that hackers cannot guess easily. 

Some locks have spacial features that alert if too many attempts are made with incorrect codes.

Smartphone Integration For Convenience

For an extra level of convenience some systems are compatible with smart phone applications which allows users to open and close their doors remotely from anywhere in the world! This makes it easy for family members who forget their code.

Affordable Prices

The cost of keyless entry locks has dropped significantly in recent years thanks to increasing demand and now there are plenty of options available ranging from $100 for basic keypad keyless entry lock up to $600 for high end biometric lock. 

Whether its for residential use or commercial applications investing in a high quality product will not only ensure longer durability but also improved your security measures!

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