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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Keypad Locks?

Nowadays, keypad locks are gaining more and more popularity as people seek to maximize the security and convenience of their homes. These types of locks offer a number of benefits that traditional locks simply cannot match. Here are some major advantages that come with installing a keyless entry system:

You Don’t Need a Key

One of the most obvious benefits of using keyless entry is that you don’t need to carry a physical key anymore. This makes it much easier to grant access to those who need it, such as family members, babysitters, pet sitters or visitors. Plus, if someone forget the code they can easily be given a new one – saving time and money on having locks changed or rekeyed. Additionally, some systems allow you to assign codes to different people and have a digital detailed log that records all access – so you can review who access the premises at any given time.

Choose Who Can Access Your Home Or Business

You’ll love the freedom you get when you switch from using keys – no longer will you have to worry about who has spare copies of your keys or losing them yourself! With keyless entry systems you have full control over who has access to your home or business. You can give out codes as needed and change them anytime without needing to change the lock itself – making it perfect for landlords with multiple tenants. Some systems also allow you to set up time restrictions so individuals can only enter during certain times, this is also great for businesses that want employees entering during opening hours only.

Increased Durability & Security

Traditional lock cylinders may become worn over time due to constant friction from turning keys in them – but with keyless locks this isn’t an issue as there are no mechanical components such as tumblers in use. Furthermore, with no physical key involved there’s less chance of someone picking or bumping into your lock either unintentionally or maliciously. To ensure added security all users should make sure their password is complex enough that hackers cannot guess it easily – plus some systems have features that will alert the user if too many attempts are made with incorrect codes and even initiate an automatic lockout after several failed attempts.

Smartphone Integration For Convenience

For an extra level of convenience some systems are compatible with smart phone applications – allowing users to open and close their doors remotely from anywhere in the world! This makes it easy for family members who forget their code and allows people assigned codes specific time slots, meaning they can still gain entry while keeping out unauthorized individuals during certain periods (such as when children should be back home). Finally these types of lock systems also save energy as they come equipped with sensors that detect when someone comes within range – meaning lights turn on automatically before anyone opens the door!

Affordable Prices

The cost associated with installing a keyless entry system has dropped significantly in recent years due to increasing demand, now there are plenty options available ranging from basic models right through sophisticated ones depending on individual needs and budget constraints. Whether its residential use or commercial applications, investing in a quality product will not only ensure greater durability but also improved security measures overall – making it well worth considering upgrading your locking system today!

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