Car Key Replacement

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It is understandable to feel frustrated when car keys are lost, stuck or damaged as having a spare key available could help resolve most of these issues. Unfortunately, only 25% of people have a backup key stored somewhere. However, obtaining a duplicate key beforehand is both an intelligent and cost-effective option – not just in terms of avoiding the expensive fees from dealers but also for general convenience.

Car Key Issues

Replacing the car key should be your last resort as there are often repair and/or replacement solutions available. If the key is broken or damaged, then the microchip must be removed and replaced with a new one. Conversely, if the key is simply worn out from regular use, then it can be recut and restored back to its original form.

Why Should You Get a Car Key Replacement?

Having a set of spares is an effective way to avoid complete loss of car keys – especially if you share the vehicle with someone else as each person will have their own dedicated key. In addition, getting a duplicate ensures that you don’t need to change the entire locking system which can add up in costs quickly.

Transponder Car Key Replacement

If you own a car built after the late 1990s then chances are it has come equipped with transponder key features which transmits codes to your vehicle’s computer board through radio waves when used – confirming that the particular key is compatible with that specific car. Without such technology, cars won’t operate efficiently.

24/7 Car Key Replacement

Therefore, if you require transponder car replacement due to damage or misplacement; Houston Door & Lock provides modern technology and equipment for fast yet cost-effective services. Even if there are other issues such as worn-out keys from frequent use; our experienced technicians have all the necessary tools and expertise ready for repair and/or replacement too! Investing in spare sets will prevent any unexpected problems from occurring so make sure you don’t overlook this important step!

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