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What Is Commercial Access Control?

Access control systems are used to restrict and monitor access to specific areas for employees and visitors and can cover entrances, exits, storage areas, stairways, shop floors, server rooms and parking areas. 

The main purpose of this system is to reduce crime, deter theft and to make sure that only those with the correct clearance are allowed to enter you business.

Components of Access Control Systems

There are many components reelated to an access control system and here are the most common ones:


Magnetic key fobs or ID cards which are read by electronic controllers at different entry points in order to authorize access include radio frequency identification (RFID), smart automation and proximity technology.

Card Readers

Employees or other authorized personnel can use card readers to read the chip on their card in order to gain access.


These devices use codes instead of physical keycards. Some keypad locks are combined with biomatric features to read fingerprints for added security.

Intercom Entrance Systems

Two way audio video intercom systems are commonly used at entrance points to provide 24/7 surveillance and to help with immediate detection of any security breach.

CCTV Systems and Remote Monitoring

Closed Circuit television system uses video cameras to record and monitor a specific areas at your business. 

Not only they help to prevent burglaries and vandalism but also restrict unauthorized accessing of high security level areas.

Fire Alarms

In case of a security breach or in a realtime emergency the facility alarm system will sound and automatically unlock all necessary doors for quick and safe evacuation.


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