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What Is Commercial Access Control?

Access control systems are used to regulate and monitor access to specific areas for personnel, including employees, visitors, and clients. Areas safeguarded by an access control system can include entrances/exits, stairways, storage areas, shop floors, server rooms, parking areas and more. The main purpose of this system is to deter theft and ensure that only those with the correct clearance are allowed entry. Typically an access control system consists of keycards, keycard readers or keypads. To strengthen security further remote monitoring access may be added as well as an intercom/entrance system and security cameras.

Components of Access Control Systems

The components of an access control system vary from organization to organization but can include a variety of different elements such as:


Magnetic key fobs or ID cards which are read by electronic controllers at various entry points in order to authorize access; types include radio frequency identification (RFID), smart automation, proximity technology such magnetic stripe readers.

Card Readers

Employees or other authorized personnel can use card readers which read magstripe chips on their card in order to gain access.


Depending on the organization these devices may be used in place of physical keycard swipes although forgetting one’s code or having it known by unauthorized personnel could compromise security.

Intercom/Entrance Systems

Two-way audio/video intercom systems at entrance points provide 24/7 surveillance and help with detection of any breaches.

Remote Monitoring

Security cameras and doorbell cameras not only help prevent burglaries or vandalism but also unauthorized accessing of restricted areas as well monitoring employee productivity and whereabouts.

Burglary & Fire Alarms

In case of an intruder breaching the facility alarm systems will sound while fire alarms will unlock doors for safe evacuation.

Smart Integration

All the aforementioned components can be integrated into a single mobile app with two way audio/video doorbell capabilities for deliveries even when no one is present as well regulating appliances within the facility such as door locks etc.

An effective access control system offers consistent protection for both employees and assets from internal and external threats leading to potential costly consequences. It is therefore beneficial for organizations to work with reputable service providers such as General Security who can advise on what technologies are best suited for their needs.

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