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What To Look For When Purchasing Commercial Safe?

When it comes to protecting commercial property, investing in a quality commercial safe is a must. Not only does it offer valuable protection against damage caused by fire, heat, theft or vandalism, but it also provides the peace of mind that your most valuable items are safe and secure. To ensure that you purchase the best possible safe for your needs, here are some key points to consider.

UL Rating System

The UL rating system is the industry standard for testing and certifying safes for safety and security levels. The ratings range from “B” which offers the lowest level of security and should not be used to protect high-value items up to TL-60X6 which requires six sides be broken through before access is gained. For businesses looking for a reliable level of protection, TL-30 safes offer 30 minutes of heavy duty resistance against attempted break-ins or thefts.

Fire Rating System

Another important consideration when purchasing a commercial safe is its fire rating system. This system grades how well the safe can protect stored items from exposure to fire or heat – with ½ Hour rate (protecting stored items against temperatures up to 1500°F within half an hour), 1 Hour rate (up to one hour) and 2 Hour rate (protects against fire and explosion for two hours) being the three main ratings available.

Expert Locksmith Installation Service

Finally, it is important that all chosen commercial safes be professionally installed by an experienced locksmith – this will not only help safeguard your valuables from burglary attempts such as anti-picking or anti-bumping techniques but will also ensure that your installation fits perfectly into place without any gaps or weak spots.

Contact A Certified Locksmith Expert Today!

 By taking these factors into account when selecting a commercial safe you can guarantee that all your possessions are adequately protected during emergency situations or disasters. With further advice on choosing the optimal solution for your business needs available from experienced professionals, do not hesitate to reach out today!

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