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How A Locksmith Can Help Open A Safe With A Lost Combination

It’s common for a homeowner to purchase a safe for their home in order to protect valuable items such as jewelry, guns, digital media, cash and other important items. In September 2020, an article by Popular Mechanics highlighted the story of a Bostonian man who had recently moved into an old home previously owned by a jewelry store owner that had passed away. To his surprise, he found a 600 lb. safe hidden inside the home, however, it was locked and the combination to open it was unknown. After 200 attempts to open the safe failed, the man offered up the contents of the safe to anyone who could manage to remove it from his home.

Having a safe with a lost combination can be extremely inconvenient as well as worrying if an individual does not know what is inside it. If you find yourself in this situation, there are solutions available to get your valuables out safely without causing damage to your property or compromising security. One way of managing this is by hiring a professional locksmith who has experience with opening safes with lost combinations. These professionals have access to special tools and advanced techniques which enable them to open safes without causing any destruction or tampering with its internal mechanisms.

Importance of Paperwork

When dealing with a mystery of this magnitude, it is essential to keep all sale paperwork including the manufacturer’s name, model number and serial number on-hand. This information makes it much easier to access opening instructions if you have lost the combination. It may be difficult to locate these details on the body of the safe as many manufacturers will not have them on display but having them accessible is key in getting your hands on those precious items inside.

How A Locksmith Can Help

If you are unable to gain access to your valuable belongings then calling upon an experienced locksmith is usually the best course of action. A professional locksmith may be able to determine the code and open your safe without damaging it in any way. If they are not able to crack the code, then other measures may need to be taken – such as cutting or drilling into the safe which will render it unusable. However, if possible they can use a small borescope and insert a small hole in order for access as well as repair for future use.

For safes with a dial/mechanical lock, if you’ve lost or misplaced your emergency/override key then your locksmith should be able to construct one that suits your needs perfectly providing you have access inside your safe so they can take measurements etc. On digital/electronic safes, reset buttons are generally featured instead of override keys and though tedious and time consuming , resetting these systems is another option available through a locksmith or by yourself if confident about doing so – yet again providing internal access is available for measurement etc.. Once the reset button has been engaged then changing the combination should be relatively straightforward – just follow similar steps as when initially setting up your system – remembering not too keep any written records inside!

Calling a locksmith is worthwhile

It might sound like an expensive idea but enlisting professional services from an experienced locksmith is often more cost effective than replacing an entire unit and suffering loss due to damages caused by incorrect attempts at opening it yourself or through using less qualified personnel . Additionally , there is also less risk involved due to higher levels of expertise possessed by locksmiths which often results in lower chances of damaging irreplaceable items held within.

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