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How A Locksmith Can Help Open A Safe With A Lost Combination

It’s highly recommended for homeowners to purchase a safe for their home in order to protect valuable items such as jewelry, gun and cash. 

In September 2020 an article by Popular Mechanics highlighted the story of a Bostonian man who had recently moved into an old home previously owned by a jewelry store owner that had passed away. To his surprise he found a 600 lb. 

Safe hidden inside the home, however, it was locked and the combination to open it was unknown. After countless attempts to open the safe failed the man offered 50% of the contents of the safe to anyone who could manage to open it.

A retired locksmith named Elias took on the challenge and with the entire neighborhood watching, Elias cracked the safe revealing stunning jewelry and some money inside. 

Elias donate half of his share of the treasures to a local shelter for the homeless. The safe’s opening brought this local community together and turned this mystery into a shared piece of local history.

So if you’ve lost the combination to your safe don’t worry, there is a way to get to your stuff without breaking the safe or damage them. 

The best move is to call a locksmith who specialized in opening safes. They have special tools and great knowledge on how to open safes without messing them up.

How A Locksmith Can Help

An experienced locksmith that specialized in opening safes can be a priceless resource for people who have forgot the safe combination and lost access to their safe.

Here are several ways a locksmith can help in this situations:

Safe Cracking Without Damage

A skilled locksmith can employ non destructive methods to open a safe which involves manipulation of the lock mechanism or by using special tools to bypass it without causing damage to the safe contents.

Combination Recovery and Reset

Locksmiths can often recover the combination of a safe through special techniques that would grant access without damage it. 

After opening the safe they can reset the combination and able the owner to set a new one.

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