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Different Types Of Car Keys

Keys have come a long way since their invention 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt and car keys have evolved significantly over the years as well from simple metal keys into sophisticated electronic devices that offer better security and much more convenience features.

Here are the different types of car keys that are commonly used today:

Traditional Metal Keys

These are the simplest form of car keys and have been used since cars were first invented. These metal keys are physically fit into the ignition switch and turn to start the car. 

No electronic components just purely mechanical operation. This type of key offers basic security through unique cuts and consider relatively easy to duplicate and manipulate.

Transponder Keys

Introduced in the mid 1990s these keys contain a small chip in the head of the key that communicates with the car immobilizer system and will only start if the chip transmits the correct signal which makes it harder to steal a car. This technology prevents the engine from starting without the specific coded key.

Switchblade Keys

These keys have a foldable metal key blade that flips out from the fob with the press of a button which remind of a switchblade. Usually combined with a micro chip similar to transponder key.

Remote Keyless Entry Fobs

These key fobs allow drivers to lock and unlock their cars with the press of a button. They are operated by a radio transmitter and usually have a short range. 

Some fobs may include additional buttons for opening the trunk, triggering an alarm and starting the engine. These fobs offers high level of security and are difficult and expensive to replicate.

Valet Keys

Valet keys allow limited access to your car by only allowing the door locks and ignition system to be operated while preventing access to the glove compartment or trunk making sure that your belongings stay secure while being serviced by valets.

Laser Cut Keys

Also known as sidewinder keys because of the pattern cut into both sides of the key blade. This type of key is highly secure and difficult. These keys also have a transponder chip and they are the most secure car keys.

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