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Should Your Deadbolt And Doorknob Open With The Same Key?

Moving into a new home is an exciting time but it also requires careful consideration to ensure your property remains secure. 

One important question to ask yourself is whether your doorknob and deadbolt should use the same key. Here is an overview on this unique subject.

Using the Same Key for Both

Having one key that opens both locks simplifies key management and making it easier to lock and unlock your doors

Carrying one key instead of multiple reduces the bulk on your keychain and the chance of losing your keys. It’s easier for family members to enter with a single key especially in emergencies.

If the key is lost or stolen it would give someone access both locks making it easier for them to enter your home.

Using Different Keys for Each

Having different keys for each lock can provide an additional layer of security, for example you can give out the key to the doorknob service providers or temporary guests and limit their access when you want to by using both locks. 

You can also control who has access to different parts of your home more effectively using this system. Managing multiple keys can be a hassle if you’re prone to losing keys or if you have many people needing access to your home.

In an emergency having to use multiple keys can cause delays or confusion for occupants or responders trying to enter quickly.

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